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The first dermatoscopy software that does not require you to purchase a digital video dermatoscope. It allows you to use your optical dermatoscope


• Use your smartphone and your dermatoscope to capture images
of the patient and dermatoscopic
• Patient registry
• Export to external archives
• Free entry and modification of visit data
Clinical photo of the patient associated with the visit
• Localization image from dummy or patient photo
• Complete management of location image pointers
Dermatoscopic photo also from pre-existing or acquired archive
2920 dermatological diagnoses to which you associate your personal medical history, exams or therapies
• Assisted reporting by preformed texts
• Internal dermatoscopic atlas
• Print report and personalized cover page
• Automatic periodic updates
• Online video tutorial
• Tele assistance complete



DERMOSOFT is not anchored to the use of dedicated equipment, but can be used with any device capable of digitizing a dermatoscopic image.

Check the compatibility of your Dermatoscope

Compare the compatibility of dermatoscopes with various mobile devices

YOUR DELTA20 IN DIGITAL WITH OUR Dermlite shell adapter for iPad and smartphone for FREE


DERMOSOFT, a software that is always "in step with the times" and that is automatically updated


Your data safely and in compliance with privacy regulations


With DERMOSOFT you can generate and print a report while continuing to examine the skin lesions on the patient


Much more than the usual assistance.


In the reporting window, for each histological hypothesis and each semenological dermatoscopic character, it is possible to display a pop-up window which shows an example photo, a description of the dermatoscopic features and a link to a web page where the topic has been treated more extensively


To insert the images in the program it is possible to load them directly from a PC folder, from a memory card or from a USB stick. Alternatively, as a particularly useful feature of the program, photos can be sent directly from a mobile capture device such as a tablet or smartphone.

How to install the software on the tablet / smartphone?

No application needs to be installed. Through an automatic QR code it will be sufficient to take a photo on the PC monitor to connect the mobile device to the program.

Why also use the tablet / smartphone?

On the screen of the mobile device we can view the image before saving it. We can also compare the previous images, report the dermatoscopy and print the report while we continue the examination on the patient.

Where are the photos saved?

The images acquired by mobile devices are sent to the PC. With just one click you can recall the images and associate them with the report. No data remains stored on the mobile device.

Network requirements

To use an external device such as an iPad or a smartphone, it must be connected to the same network as the computer you are using with the dermosoft program. For example, if you work in a studio with a classic WiFi local area network, you should check that the tablet is connected to the same network. If you use the program in a studio where you do not have access to a common network, you can proceed in 2 ways. Either you use a smartphone in hotspot mode or you can buy a small portable battery-powered router to which you can quickly connect your PC and tablet as an accessory at a negligible price.


The prices shown are VAT excluded unless otherwise specified.


Formula without thoughts and without constraints. Pay only if you use the software.
Use of the software
  • When the license expires, the previous data will always be available but patients, visits or new images cannot be added until the license is renewed
  • All program updates released during the license period
  • Technical assistance
  • After 60 monthly fees, the user becomes the owner of the use of the software without additional fees, except for the optional and subsequent ones of Update and Assistance


Final purchase without monthly fees
Purchase of the program without time limits
  • It will always be possible to add patients, visits or new images
  • All program updates released in the first year of purchase
  • Complete assistance in the initial phase of use
  • Technical assistance